Measures Taken By Epysode To Help You Shop Safe | Epysode

Each day on the internet, you see a huge number of men shirts online stores opening up and sending out sponsored ads on social media platforms. At the end of each day, there are customers that carry back a smile on their faces, and there are customers who lose their money due to fraudulent activities. Each online shopper needs to stay safe and keep their data protected always. It does not only have to be the financial information, but also the personal information. At Epysode, our customers are our priority, and here are the measures we take to keep your shopping experience amazing and safe. Here is what we do.

  • Genuine payment gateways

We always adhere to our commitment to your security. We know the fact that your money is important and your financial securities must not be mishandled. For this, we only take payments from known, genuine, and authorized payment gateways.

  • Transparent policy

It is important for us to keep our relationship growing with you. For this, we need your trust in us. To get your trust, we have kept our payment and data price policies open to you. You are the source of a payment and we believe in letting you know how the payment process happens from our end.

  • Proper authentication before payment

There are a few sites that do not authenticate the logging in or the payment process of the customer. This can lead to many fraudulent activities online. To avoid this, we have a multi-factor authentication process at the time of registering, logging into your account, or even at the time of making a payment. In this way, your consent to do the activities happens and your shopping experience becomes fruitful.

  • Fraud-proofing our site

Our site is protected by the latest and most advanced security systems. We believe in protecting the data of our customers. You can relax and surf our site and your data - both personal and financial will stay safe. We will also encrypt your card details and other such details when you are making a transaction with us. There is full fraud-proofing of our site for you.

  • Educating you

While the above listed details tell you what we do, we would also like to educate you about how you can have a safe t shirts online shopping experience. For this, we make sure that you are aware of the actions that happen. In case of a disturbance in your data privacy, we will immediately notify you by sending you push notifications, mails and messages.

These are the things we do to keep your online shopping experience thrilling and not threatening. With this, you can build your trust on us and pick up some of our best collections that suit you.