Tips To Look Sharp In Casuals For Men Of 30's | Epysode

When you have entered your 30s, you know that you’ve stepped into full adulthood. Your position in your office demands a certain side of you, while the young heart demands you to relive your youth before you enter the next decade. With all of this, you have a strong quench for style, and that’s where this blog has opened up to you.

For all men in 30s, here is your bible to follow with all your soul. This blog speaks of all that you need to have in your wardrobe to look dashing and daring. From shirts for men to trousers, here is everything you should not miss out on. Make a

checklist of your wardrobe collection and tally it with the ones over here. This keeps

your looks bold and sharp as ever.

  1. Formal shirts

When you suit up for your office or while getting ready for any formal occasion, you need to look your best. For this, you need to have some formal shirts that include light shades of solids, stripes, and subtle prints. A white shirt is a mandatory outfit among the other formal shirts for men that you should not miss out on.

  1. Casual shirts

Skipping your office or all the formal occasions, you need to dress up in casuals for your lunch dates, vacations or rides. This demands you to have a cool collection of casual shirts for men. You will need a classic casual that goes well on denim, one casual that goes good on chinos and shorts, and one dark casual that keeps you looking great on the roads that you ride.

  1. Blazers

Just like the icing on the cake, you need to have a nice suit or a cool blazer to top off your look. You can have one blazer to suit yourself up on any casual or formal occasion. You can also get yourself a casual blazer for your parties and another formal blazer for your office. There are many formal shirts for men that come with a blazer that syncs well.

  1. Tees

Nothing in the 30s is more relaxing than quickly drawing out to a comfy tee. The tees are the only thing that can beat the best of shirts for men when it comes to style and comfort. Tees come in many colors and with prints or plain. You can have a good collection of tees in your wardrobe - most importantly the ones that suit your body shape and complexion. Get tees for summer, winter, and for your vacation and rides.

  1. Trousers

Be mindful of what you wear, and never ignore the trousers even if you do not care. If you are in the state of mind that only a pair of black trousers or blue denim is enough, here is what else must be in your wardrobe. Get corduroy pants, chinos, shorts, 3/4ths and even 7/8ths to stay on the edge of style.

  1. Accessories

You would have definitely had some shades that match your look. How a bout adding stoles, matching socks and more? To look your best at 30 and more, always feel young at heart when you suit up. Get a cool watch - digital ones are the trend of this era. If you are wearing extremes, pick up some cool cuff buttons so that you remain in style. Select ties that are not too vague. A nice summer and one cool winter cap will complete your wardrobe. These are the very important tips to make you look nothing less than a star. Get set to rule the fashion world with these tips.